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Jennifer Aniston Talks Justin Theroux And Their Intimate Wedding Details
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Jennifer Aniston Talks Justin Theroux And Their Intimate Wedding Details

Jennifer Aniston may have had her ups and downs in love but after she met her now fiancé Justin Theroux, everything changed. While the actress has always been a happy interviewee, she has kept most details of their relationship — and, of course, their engagement — under wraps and out of the public eye. However, for her most recent interview, she was more open about her personal life than ever before.
Speaking candidly about their romance for the first time to US publication People, the star kicked off the conversation summing up exactly what their blossoming relationship has meant to her over recent years.
Revealing that the 43-year-old writer, actor and film producer is the best thing to happen her 'this decade', 46-year-old Jen went on to talk about the first time she laid eyes on her partner. See, we told you she was open...

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Having met for the first time on the set of comedy Tropic Thunder in Hawaii in 2008, Jennifer said their initial meeting was actually quite funny. She revealed: 'He was wearing black, black, black and I started to sweat just looking at him.' Justin, we thought you'd know better than to wear black clothes in the tropics. Such a rookie fashion mistake...
The couple then went on to get in 2012 — four years after they were introduced by the couples' close pal Ben Stiller — with Justin presenting Jen with a diamond ring that's rumoured to be eight carats. Yep, that's the kinda bling only Kim Kardashian could rival.
Speaking of her all important rock, Jen said: 'I just think it's so beautiful. I love it because he picked it, put it into a setting and it's simple.' A classic case of boy done good then.
Then, the chat changed to that of their impending wedding day, and while didn't disclose the date, she did open up about some of the intimate details that will be included in their special day.
Speaking of Justin's obsession with jewellery, she said: 'He's got a lot of hardware. He wears a chain. He has a gold chunky ring, and when we get married he will be wearing his ring.' A good cost-saving tactic. Not that they need one, mind.
Inscribed with his own name, Jen continued: 'It just won't say Justin anymore,' revealing that the couple may also engrave her name on the inside of his wedding band. How sweet is that?
Like we said, Jennifer and Justin are yet to set a date for their wedding but, in all honestly, they seem pretty happy with their life as it is. Regardless of a big fancy bash, it looks like she has finally found her happy ending, and that's good enough for us...

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